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About Radio Play


- Single or Multiple Radio Station support,
- Search: Look for a Radio Station,
- Categories: Search by category a station,
- Scrolling for Title & Artist Info,
- QuickAction for your iPhone 6S and higher to start your station right away,
- Full size Player with Album, artist name, song title and station name,
- Deep integration with iOS (All information on lock screen and Control Center, also auto updates when track changes),
- Optimized Design for any device (iPad or iPhone) and with compatible with Slide Over on iPad,
- Loading audio stream in mp3, pls, m3u, aac, acc+ and m3u8,
- Compatible Radionomy, Shoutcast, Icecast, RadioKing and many more providers,
- Twitter and Facebook integration, share song and station in the Player,
- Website view and email contact,
- Admob (Google) support. On screen while opening a player (interstitial) and on screen (banner with AdMob) and inApp Purchase to remove ads (Enable/Disable),
- Background audio, supports interruptions and resumes playback (like getting phone call) and supports headphones being inserted and removed.


- Single or Multiple Radio Station support,
- Loading audio stream in mp3, pls, m3u, aac, acc+ and m3u8,
- Compatible Radionomy, Shoutcast, Icecast, RadioKing and many more providers,
- Optimized design for the TV.


- Sophisticated design and smart blur background,
- Track title detection,
- Album cover detection,
- Smart notification bar with song title,
- Background play support,
- Smart headphone detection,
- Animated buffering,
- Customizable logo (Add your own radio’s logo!),
- Search and share function,
- External .xml data source, codec, search function,
- External .xml online data source (with free online file storage),
- Supports error handling for network problems or bad streaming URLs,
- Supports interruptions and resumes playback (eg.: getting a phone call),
- Checks network availability,
- Easy volume control (with side button and touch screen too),
- Listing radio stations on separate page,
- Custom stations addition (from local data storage),
- AdMob integration,
- Android Studio & Eclipse project,
- No programming skills needed (video tutorial link in the zip file).

What do you get ?

- Full Android Source Code (Eclipse and Android Studio version),
- Step-By-Step Video instructions (youtube link in the documentation),
- Step-By-Step documentation.


October 2019

Patch 6.0.1

- Hot fix for sharing (Thanks @guvenck)
- FacebookAds removed because not compliant with RGPD

September 2019

Patch 6.0


• New top bar to improve the colour stability while using dark/clear albums. • Search for albums arts is now twice as fast. We have also improved their quality.
• Play, Twitter and Facebook icons are now aligned. We’ve added a new button “Open on AppleMusic” when the song is available on AppleMusic®. If not the button will be “Open the website”.
• Share is now aligned with the all new redesigned volume slider. Also an Airplay button is available at the end of the volume slider, so you can pick really easily the output source (Bluetooth or Airplay 2).


• Radio Nova
• Fip
• Radio FG
• Sud Radio
• Hitradio OE3 (Austria)
• Radio 2.0 (Italy)
• Antenna 1 (Portugal)


• Now the search bar is totally compatible with iOS 13 new features, including the redesigned search bar.


• Reimagined remove ads process in the Player view. It’s now a popup making it easier for the client to choose between the options.


• Removed the reflection of the album art.
• Reworked the volume appearance.
• Reworked the interruptions (while receiving a call for example).
• Reworked the process to get the album art and displaying the default one.
• Reworked the streaming process.
• Improved the way to display the album art.
• Blur is full screen making it more natural.
• Improved battery life and security improvements.
• Getting ready for iOS 13 new capabilities (fonts, icons, features).
• Fixed album art issues and metadata for some radios.

July 2019

Patch 5.2

- iOS and iPadOS 13 compatibility
- Player Design improvements
- Google Banner Ads fixes on iPhone X and higher
- General Improvements (tvOS)
- tvOS 13 compatibility

January 2019

Patch 5.1.1

- Hot fix for Album Art


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